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Our Goals

In today’s challenging business environment, having clarity across each aspect of your business is a requirement not a luxury. The best solutions provide fully integrated financials, sales and marketing, project management, contract and human resources and reporting. Software solutions must be able to provide real time information, exceptions and alerts with customizable dashboards, including accurate time and expense tracking for employees and supervisors. ITB Consulting can assist with software selection, implementation, data migration and training. Call us today

Government Contractors

The Government contracting industry requires specialized expertise in government contract accounting and administration. Contractors partnering with the  federal government are subject to compliance with a multitude of special rules and regulations that are not imposed on commercial businesses. The regulations are complex and specific to Government Contractors who need to have the expertise and accounting software to meet Government requirements.


A&E Services

Gain visibility across your firm and more control over your people and projects.

If you're no longer getting the utilization you want and the cash flow you need, maybe it's because your outdated systems no longer fit your growing firm. But broad, generic ERP systems aren't designed for PS firms — with costly installation and ongoing maintenance that diverts focus. How can you get the visibility and control you want without the IT burden and expenses you are not quite ready for?

ITB Consulting provides the following additional services:



Software Implementation


Planning Meeting
System Design
Data Analysis and Mapping
System Configuration
Data Migration
Test Design/Configuration Settings
System parallel Testing in all modules
Updates and Changes
Document New Processes
Data Entry
Dashboard setup
Month End Close
Lessons Learned

Implementation Experience


ITB is well versed in these processes, and our array of implementation experience includes:


  • Planning Meeting

  • System Configuration

  • Data Analysis and Mapping

  • Data Migration

  • System testing

  • Training (On-site, Webex, Deltek University)

  • Parallel financial run and review

  • Go Live cutover (includes First Cycle)

  • A/P processes through checks,

  • Timecards through payroll or Payroll service export

  • Invoicing and postings

  • Project Management monthly report

  • Month End Financials

  • Mapping of your Business Rules


Application Data Migration


Many times when upgrading or replacing legacy applications, there is no simple upgrade path. We can automate much of the data migration, making the upgrade an easier process.


Convert from GCS

Convert from Classic

Convert from QuickBooks

Convert from Vision

Convert from Peach

Convert from Cost Point

Convert from MS Dynamics



Time Entry & Supervisor/Management Approvals
Expense Reports & Approvals
Project Cost Reporting and Review
Project Billing
General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Requisitions & Purchasing
Customer Relation Management (CRM)
Contract Setup and Maintenance
Customer & Vendor Setup and Maintenance
Expense Report setup
Employee Setup and Maintenance
Month End /Quarter End / Year End Procedures
Standard Reports and Inquiries
Custom Reports and Inquiries
Actual Rate calculations and setup

Data Migration and Import Services


  • Conversion of data from QuickBooks, Deltek Legacy systems and other data sources require converting client contact, opportunity, project; and employee information to make your transition as seamless as possible.


ITB will review and discuss with you:

  • What data needs to be transferred

  • Assist in the Validation of the data after it has been converted

  • Test critical path points of the data

Application Integration


Many companies have numerous applications that require users to manually integrate their data. We offer application integration services which provide clients with flexibility and accessibility to information stored in existing IT Systems. This service enables clients to access information quicker and in customizable formats for improved work flow and decision making.

Application Customization


Are your COTS applications forcing you to do business the way they work rather than the way you want? We can customize a number of applications to work the way you need them. This includes screen/database customization, and custom applications that seamlessly extend the functionality of your applications.



System Requirement Analysis
Business Process Re-Engineering
System Configuration Review
DCAA Compliancy review & issue response
Project Management
Data Validation (Find lost dollars)
Allocations and Cost Pools
Custom Report Development
Data Entry Services
Develop Process Documents
Create Training Guides

Business  Analysis


Analyze current processes
Identify current issues & problems
Develop Strategic business requirements
Solidify desired goals
Make Recommendations, Options and Solutions
Data Migration
Customized Migration
Defined requirements for migration form old software to Prime
Jody Lund, President

Custom Business Applications


  • We have successfully designed and deployed business automation solutions for our clients by utilizing proven technologies, customized solutions combined with an industry accepted process to keep projects on track.

  • With this integrated process, We help clients achieve their business objectives by providing efficient enterprise solutions and customized products exactly as our clients envision.

Relational Databases


A key to successful implementation of a successful relational database is understanding the relationships among various types of data and the needs of your business when accessing data. Our staff recognizes the importance of a well designed database in ensuring the data collected will be useful in the future.

             Not sure which product solution is right for your enterprise? Contact us for more information or to schedule a free consultation/Demo

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