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Why 60% of A&E Firms Surveyed by ZweigWhite Trust Deltek Vision


ZweigWhite’s just released Annual Financial Performance Survey of Architecture, Engineering, Planning & Environmental Consulting Firms shows 60% of firms surveyed use Deltek Vision. With other vendors coming it at 11%, 6% and 5%, Deltek Vision is the overwhelming solution of choice.


First, THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers!  But why do more firms rely on Vision?


A&E Firms are choosing Deltek Vision because:


  1. They know by choosing Vision they have made a strategic investment in their business – not a tactical investment thps them get invoices out the dat heloor.

  2. They know Deltek cares about, values and works with their customers – the Deltek team and the Vision solution are both true problem solvers especially when it comes to mission critical needs of A&E businesses.

  3. They know that Vision is built from the ground up to support A&E firms – it’s not a generic solution for businesses who don’t manage projects.

  4. They know they would be putting their firm at risk by choosing any other solution – Deltek Vision is a proven, global solution for growing A&E firms and firms who want to make sure they have the industry’s best to manage their business.

  5. They know that the Vision product management team is continually innovating and developing key components of the Vision solution to meet the demands and needs of A&E firms today – including Mobility, Cloud, and Project Management.

  6. They know Deltek Vision is THE solution for A&E firms – more than 5,000 firms use Deltek Vision today.


Thank you again to all of our loyal customers and to our future customers, we can’t wait to get started.




Twice named to the Inc. 500 list of best firms, ZweigWhite is the nation’s leader in enhancing business performance for architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms. The ZweigWhite team consists of experts in strategy, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, ownership transition, human resources management, finance, marketing, market research, project management and project delivery methods who collectively produce a comprehensive suite of products and services, including advisory, consulting, newsletters, industry reports, executive training, business conferences and more covering virtually every aspect of firm management. For more information, visit

Commercial & Professional Services 

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5 Things to know about cloud-based solutions

Low initial costs and easy upgrades are just the beginning.

Balance resources, control costs and win more business with Deltek Vision!

Watch the video now!

Deltek Vision is the answer to any project performance issue surrounding today’s growing AE firms. Thousands of organizations, ranging in size from 10 employees to global enterprises rely on Deltek Vision every day to win more business, deliver projects and improve overall project performance—success that is achieved through Vision’s end-to-end promotion of integration, collaboration and support.



Deltek Vision – Customer Relationship Management for Project Focused Business



Deltek Vision includes:



Changing the Way Project Managers Work

Deltek Vision Navigator is a revolutionary new tool intended to give project managers what they need to plan, manage and monitor their projects – in a streamlined and consolidated manner. This tool benefits project managers by giving them just what they need to do their job, while also benefiting the organization through more closely monitored projects. Collection of project data is more accurate and project information is more complete, resulting in more profitable projects.

Deltek Vision Navigator gives firms:


  • A management portal for on-the-go project managers                                                           

  • The ability to easily capture data, manage projects remotely, and share status with everyone

  • Project control for project managers and project visibility for the firm


Navigator is a one stop shop for all things project management. It’s browser independent and it’s tablet ready for access on the go, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Specifically designed to support the complete project lifecycle of AE firms, Deltek Vision’s customizable dashboards help you measure all of your most critical business functions. From pipeline building and client management all the way to project execution and evaluation, Deltek Vision users can experience measurable benefits almost immediately, including improved employee utilization, streamlined project management, reduced DSO and increased profitability.

Deltek Vision helps you:

Win More Business—Easily manage complex client account structures, track opportunities from lead to a project and record time and cost up front to accurately estimate each project at the proposal stage

Execute Projects—Streamline workflows, proactively reduce project risk and accurately capture all project-related costs to reduce DSO and increase customer satisfaction

Improve Performance—Employ faster reporting processes, provide specific, role-based metrics to key decision-makers and customize dashboards to your unique business needs.

Vision Performance Management


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